Welcome to Photo to Applique

Ever since I started learning about quilting, I craved creating my own applique designs. I enjoyed learning new techniques but relied upon other artist's designs and patterns to finish a project. I was OK with my drawing skills and could make some simple patterns, but I wanted to be more creative. Over the years I learned how to use photos to create my own original applique patterns. It's exciting because I have thousands of photographs to use as reference.

There are many artists who use photo-to-applique techniques to create their design, but each of us has our own unique take on the process. I use a more low-tech variation using paper and pencils as my primary tools. In the course, I offer some detailed tutorials for those who want to learn more about using photo-editing software. However, if computers aren't your thing, you can easily skip those sections.

As you progress through the lessons, I will walk you through the steps I take to create original fusible applique patterns. You can follow along, step by step using my sunflower example. Or you can work through the process using your own photographs.

Let's get started...

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