Using Placement Guides
For Fusible Applique

Creating fusible applique can be messy. Unlike traditional applique, we apply an adhesive to the back of our fabrics and fuse them to our quilts. One misplaced applique piece or error in positioning motifs onto our quilts could be a disaster, making us start over or attempt to remove the fusible adhesive from our designs. Not Fun!!

Using a placement guide to construct our applique designs can eliminate a lot of frustration. They allow us to assemble the motifs and audition them on our quilts before making the final fuse.

Join me in this short tutorial course to learn my techniques for using placement guides for fusible applique quilts.

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Placement Guide
Prepare the Placement Guide

Prepare a placement guide to assemble
the fusible applique motifs.

Construct Design Elements

Construct the design elements
on the placement guide

Audition Before Fusing

Audition the applique design elements on the
fabric background before fusing.

Example Curriculum

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Have fun creating applique
and designing quilts!

A Message From Nanette:
I use a lot of fusible applique in my art quilts. To be honest with you, it took me awhile to get use to working with the fusible web products. I experimented a lot. I always got frustrated when I "accidentally" fused a fabric pieces in the wrong place. When that happened, I tried to remove the offending piece, but usually was left with damaged fabric and glue residue.

Then, I learned about placement guilds. This was a game changer for me. With this technique, I am able to make individual applique elements and audition them on my quilt BEFORE I fuse them in place.
Now I can design my quilts like an artist!
And you can too!


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This course is presented as short 15 minute video tutorial. The video is designed with an up-close view, so every student has a front row seat.

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This course was designed for beginners and includes step-by-step instruction. However, more advanced textile or mixed-media students will find plenty of information and inspiration to keep them engaged. Every student will be inspired to take their skills further to create their own unique designs.

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